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20 Best Names for Leopard Geckos




Three adorable leopard geckos showcasing the 20 best names for leopard gecko.

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Leopard geckos are genuinely some of the fascinating creatures. These beautifully striped lizards are pretty exciting and deserve an appropriate moniker that helps them stand out from the rest. There are so many different names that you can give to your scaly friend that will help you bond with them in an even better way.

Your leopard gecko can have a trendy name or even flaunt a classic moniker. A name can also represent specific colors, personalities, and sizes; some examples would be Smiley, Dotty, Speedy, or something with historical significance.

If you are unable to find the perfect name for your little scaly friend, here are a few suggestions that may tickle your fancy:

Best Names for Male Leopard Geckos

Picture of a spotted Leopard Gecko

If your leopard gecko is a boy, here are some masculine yet creative names that should consider:

  • Leo/Leonard

Leopard Geckos are often referred to as Leo, making for one of the best names for a male leopard gecko. However, the name has its roots in the Latin language and signifies ‘lion.’

It originates from the constellation Leo, and Leo or Leonard seems to be just the perfect name for your adorable little gecko.

  • Speedy

Are you impressed by your little gecko’s ability to climb up so quickly? Speedy seems to be the most appropriate name for your lizard friend also a fantastic way to show off your little gecko’s remarkable traits to your friends!

  • Geo

Another cool name for your little scaly friend would be Geo. It can be an excellent pick for your male gecko that features dark and light brown spots on its scales.

Also, the word Geo means ‘earth,’ which is excellent for leopard geckos that happen to be ground-dwelling lizards.

  • Rocky

Rocky is yet another perfect boy name for your leopard gecko. If he is a tiny yet tough guy is one of the perfect options for gecko species that are a little more aggressive such as the fat tail geckos.

  • Dotty

Short for Dorothy, meaning ‘Gift of God,’ is a perfect name for your leopard gecko. Moreover, Dotty would be a great pick if your gecko has a beautiful spotted pattern.

  • Kermit

We know that Kermit is originally a name for a frog, and however, the cute little leopard gecko smile looks quite like a frog. And this is how Kermit is now also a sought-after name for leopard geckos.

So, if your gecko likes to offer a sweet little grin now and then, you can consider this name.

Best Names for Female Leopard Geckos

Picture of Leopard Gecko smiling

Here are some feminine names that your girl leopard gecko will love:

  • Bella

Bella has its origin in the Italian language and translates to ‘beautiful.’ So, if you think your leopard gecko should be known for her good looks, Bella is just the right pick!

  • Xena     

While there are several feminines and delicate names for your girl leopard gecko, Xena is an edgy option you should consider, especially if your leopard gecko is a contentious one.

Being the name of a warrior princess, Xena is just the right pick for your fighter female.

  • Hazel

If you are looking for a feminine name that also makes a statement, Hazel is one option to consider would be an excellent pick for female leopard geckos with shiny skin.

  • Zuri

This name has a Swahili origin and means ‘good-hearted’, making it an excellent name for almost any pet. Moreover, Zuri was also the name of the African lioness in The Lion King, which gives it an aggressive edge!

  • Vera

Vera is another beautiful name you can consider for your girl leopard gecko. Having a Slavic origin, in Latin, the name means ‘true,’ and in Slavic languages, it means ‘faith.’

And both these meanings are quite special considering your relationship with your little scaly friend.

  • Kira

The name translates to ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’ in Hebrew. So, if you have a female leopard gecko that is a little shy, naming her Kira would be a great option. Even in Japanese culture, the word signifies ‘purity.’  

Best Unisex Names for Leopard Geckos

Picture of an orange Leopard Gecko on a bark

If you want a gender-neutral name for your leopard gecko, here are a few options to consider:

  • Blaze

If your leopard gecko flaunts a fierce, bright red or orange color, Blaze is just the right pick to celebrate their stunning look.

  • Puff

If you have a chubby little gecko, Puff would be an adorable name to consider. Moreover, leopard geckos tend to puff when angry. So, even for a gecko with a temper, this name would be a great option.

  • Ziggy

Although Ziggy might seem to be a trendy name, it has a lot of significance. This name has its origin in Germany and means ‘victorious protector’. Also, it can be a great unisex name for your leopard gecko.

  • Finn

Does your leopard gecko have no stripes? Finn could be just the right name for him. It has its origins in the Irish and translates to ‘fair little one,’ this name would celebrate your gecko’s solid color.

  • Jade

As you may already know, Jade is a name derived from a precious green-colored gemstone. The name also has its origin in the Greek language, meaning ‘healer.’

  • Levi

Levi is yet another cool yet meaningful name for your leopard gecko. The name has Biblical roots and means ‘united’ or ‘harmony.’ What could be a better name to celebrate your relationship with your pet!

  • Luna

The word is derived from Latin and means ‘moon’. And since leopard geckos are primarily nocturnal, Luna would be one of the best names! Luna is also the Roman goddess of the moon).

  • Lennon

Yet another stunning unisex name for your leopard gecko, Lennon, has an Irish origin and means ‘dear one’. So, no matter if your gecko is a girl or a boy, this is a name that will suit them perfectly.

FAQ’s about Leopard Gecko

Conclusion on Best Names for Leopard Geckos

Picking a name for your leopard gecko depends entirely on you. There are chances that you might like a name that is not quite traditional or a name that might not be best suited for a leopard gecko.

But if your heart says that a particular name belongs to your little creature, go ahead with it. And we are sure that at least one of the mentioned names will float your boat.

So, are you ready to give your little scaly friend a fun, creative, and thoughtful name? And if you are unable to pick the right exotic pet for you and are confused about whether you should get a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko, this blog might help you make a decision.

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