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Are Bearded Dragons Good for Beginners?




An adult is demonstrating how to hold a bearded dragon to a group of attentive kids. This showcases how gentle and easy it is for beginners to learn proper bearded dragon handling.

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Are bearded dragons suitable pets for beginners? There are various aspects of a bearded dragon’s lifestyle, such as their diet and habits, that make them easier to take care of than other reptiles. Such elements make them suitable options for beginners. 

Bearded dragons are active throughout the day. Therefore, you can feed and take care of them without many challenges. They are also sociable, and you can keep them with others when young. Bearded dragons are omnivores and can feed on both meat and plants.    

Here, we’ll look at what you should do when you first get a bearded dragon, what you should feed it, why the reptiles require so much attention, and how long it takes to settle in and adjust to a new home. 

Why Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets for Beginners?

Bearded dragons are rising in popularity as good reptiles to consider for pets. So, what are the reasons that make it a suitable choice for a first-timer looking for a reptile as a pet?

Ease of Care 

When you get a pet for the first time, one of the most confusing aspects is how to take care of it to ensure it is healthy, stress-free, and lives long. As a first-timer, you may not have much knowledge and experience in taking care of a pet.

Bearded dragons are famous as an excellent choice for beginners due to their ease of care. The ease of maintenance also makes them suitable for both adults and children. The most important aspect of taking care of a Bearded Dragon is getting the environment right.

Ensure the environment consists of the correct temperatures and UVB to ensure the Bearded Dragons are comfortable. 

Additionally, you should ensure their vivarium is clean at all times, keep them hydrated and ensure they are eating a balanced diet. That’s all they require to remain healthy, happy, and thriving. 


If you are looking for a pet for the first time, you may not go for one with a short lifespan. It may not offer you value for your money, and you may not have enough time to enjoy it. Bearded dragons can live for more than ten years, and raising one from childhood to adulthood offers you a satisfactory experience. 

You can pick your little pet for about three or four months and expect to live with it for several years. Since you’ll be taking care of the animal for a while, it will be a satisfying experience to live with it for such a long time.  


If you are looking for individuality in a pet, the Bearded Dragon is an ideal choice. Bearded Dragons are unique since they differ from one another. They vary in colors, patterns, character, and behavior, making every Bearded Dragon unique. 

If you have more than one Bearded Dragon as a pet, you will notice the differences and individuality. One may be hyperactive while the other one is lazy. Most of them are inquisitive, especially at a young age, but they become calmer with time, and each of them displays a unique personality, which is refreshing. 


Bearded Dragons are a unique type of lizard with a personality. For instance, the central Bearded Dragon tends to be more passive rather than aggressive.

They are calm and slow-moving individuals that make them an excellent choice for children as their first pet. They have a great temperament and are easy to handle. 

The Bearded Dragons also love attention and will run up and down the glass to get your attention. They also line up when it’s time for dinner and will stare at you if dinner is not on time. 

The animals are friendly, and they respond well to handling if it is done in the right way. When the animals are young, you can keep them together, but you’ll have to keep a keen eye on them to ensure they don’t harm each other. 


Another reason the Bearded Dragon is a suitable pet for beginners is because they come in a great size. They are large enough so your young child can handle them without the risk of causing injuries or scaring them. Additionally, they are small enough that their vivarium can comfortably fit in your house. 

The animals will spend most of their time basking in their vivarium, though you can occasionally move them to enjoy your living room floor. The maximum size of a Bearded Dragon is 600mm (2ft), with a third of the size being the tail, and it doesn’t become cumbersome.    


As a beginner, you want a pet that you can train to behave the way you want. That way, you can have a more enjoyable experience with your little friend. Thus, the Bearded Dragon is an excellent choice of a pet for a beginner as they are intelligent. 

Many people will not take note of this unique characteristic of the animal as they shop for a pet. 

The lizard can recognize you as the owner and also develop a strong relationship over time. Plus, the lizard can learn new behaviors by observing how other Bearded Dragons in other enclosures behave. 

What’s more?

You can even train your Bearded Dragon. If you are consistent and employ the right approach, you can prepare your Bearded Dragon to come when you call it, walk on a leash, or even when it’s time to take food or water. 

Bearded Dragons Are Effortless and Straightforward to Feed    

As mentioned earlier, Bearded Dragons feed on various types of foods. You don’t have to consider a lot when picking the right foods, making feeding time effortless.

The lizards are omnivores meaning they feed on both animal and plant-based foods. You can come up with a schedule of feeding the adult Bearded Dragons once a day and the young ones once or twice a day. 

If the Bearded Dragon is a hatchling or less than two months old, you should feed them 2-3 times every day. The diet should comprise 70% crickets and 30% vegetables. The proteins in the diet can come from super worms, crickets, a pinky mouse, etc. 

For juvenile Bearded Dragons, you should feed them daily and ensure they get a balanced diet of proteins and vegetables.

Adult Bearded Dragons should also be fed daily with their diet mainly consisting of crickets and lots of vegetables. You can also incorporate some Vitamin D3 and calcium supplements to keep the lizards healthy. 

What’s the best time to feed your dragons?

It’ll be best to feed your Bearded Dragons in the morning. This enables them to digest the food during the warm part of the day. Bearded Dragons need to regulate their internal body heat from outside sources to aid in digestion.

Keeping A Bearded Dragon Hydrated

In terms of keeping them hydrated, Bearded Dragons don’t like it when you put their water in a deep bowl. It’ll be best to put their drinking water in a shallow bowl and ensure the water is clean at all times. 

Bearded Dragons also enjoy eating fruits. However, you should feed the fruits sparingly, with only 10-20% of the diet fruits. Fruits are sugary, and feeding on them can lead to obesity and raise their sugar levels. 

Also, you should avoid feeding the lizards with citrus fruits as they can upset their tummy. 

Some lizards that enjoy eating fruits include bananas (with the peels still on or without), pears, tomatoes, guavas, apples, mangoes, melons, kiwis, grapes, and peaches. 

Some of the nutritious vegetables you can feed your Bearded Dragons include green beans, bell peppers, green or red cabbage, watercress, dandelions, broccoli, mustard greens, collard greens, chard, and bok choy. Some nutritious animal proteins include spiders, crickets, wax worms, grasshoppers, mealworms, earthworms, silkworms, slugs, and moths. 

How Expensive are Bearded Dragons?  

Another reason why Bearded Dragons are a perfect pick for beginners is that they are affordable. Initially, you’ll have to invest in setting up a suitable habitat for your Bearded Dragons.

You are required to purchase a light source, quality terrarium, and a thermometer. Setting up a comfortable habitat for your Bearded Dragons can cost you between $200 to $600. 

After you set up the habitat, taking care of the pet is relatively inexpensive. Most of the foods you need to feed the Bearded Dragons are readily available and affordable.

You will also require substrate for the terrarium, but this is often inexpensive, and you can also get it for free.  

The other costs involved in keeping Bearded Dragons as pets include regular veterinary checkups. It would be best if you had a veterinarian who sees reptiles check your Bearded Dragon.

But the veterinary costs are lower for Bearded Dragons than for other pets such as dogs and cats. You can also consider getting pet insurance to cover you in case of any eventuality.

Are Bearded Dragons Suitable Pets for Kids

If you are a beginner and looking for pets suitable for your kids, Bearded Dragons are an excellent pick. The lizards are gentle and have a docile character making it possible for kids to learn how to handle and interact with them and establish a strong bond over time. 

The lizard will help a kid learn how to take care of a pet and establish a sense of low-risk responsibility. They are effortless to take care of as they only require regular attention, meals, and maintenance. 

Plus, taking care of a Bearded Dragon can teach your kid time management skills as the lizards love following a routine. The lizard needs to be fed, have its enclosure cleaned, and be given attention regularly. Doing all this teaches your kid some sense of responsibility. 

Are Bearded Dragons Clean As Pets?  

If you compare Bearded Dragons with other house pets, the lizards are neater and have a unique and appealing appearance. If you want a pet out of the ordinary, a Bearded Dragon is an excellent pick. They are available in different species and come in various shades, including yellow, red, and orange. 

The lizard has a wedge-shaped head with rows of scales, and its throat contains more scales. When they puff the rows of scales on the throat, it looks like a beard, hence the name Bearded Dragons. They can even make the beards turn black. 

They also contain rows of scales on the sides of their stomach, and their flat body features four stubby legs. Their tail is half the length of their body, and it doesn’t fall off and regrow when the lizard is threatened, as it happens with other lizards.   


Is Bearded Dragon a good pet for beginners? If you are looking for a pet as a beginner, a Bearded Dragon is an excellent pick for a beginner due to various reasons. For instance, the pets are affordable, friendly, easy to take care of, neat, and suitable choices for kids. 

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